Linkedin Level Up Program

This is for you if you: 

  • Want to maximise Linkedin’s power for job search and personal branding​

  • Are actively exploring or open to new opportunities and you want to access the hidden job market ​

  • Want to grow your network with ease without having to send tons of connection requests daily (even if you’re an introvert)​

  • Seldom get headhunters, recruiters or managers messaging you​

  • Have been disappointed by the results of your Linkedin activity so far​

This is not for you if:

  • You are still figuring out how to set up a Linkedin account

  • You are not open to new ideas that could help you land your next big opportunity​

  • You are a business owner or entrepreneur who wants to use Linkedin for lead generation (contact me directly as I have a personalised coaching program for you)​

  • I'm here to show you how to turn your profile into an opportunity magnet and to maximise your chances of getting headhunted on Linkedin!

  • Linkedin Level up is the all in 1 program that includes digital resources, private group coaching and a personalised audit.​

  • You will level up your  Linkedin  game... without having to apply to endless job ads that get you no responses!


  • In this program, I will share the Linkedin secrets you need to know and practise in order to make your Linkedin an opportunity magnet.​

I'm Cindi Wirawan, and I’m your Linkedin coach!

'I landed 90% of my jobs through Linkedin and networking. I'd love to help you do the same!​'


It's hard to get the attention of a recruiter or potential employer - you are competing with thousands of similar profiles!


I'm going to tell you how to attract opportunities like bees to honey!


Your digital presence and activity could be how you can get your foot into your dream job.​


Only old school recruiters are not actively looking for talent online - that's 0.01% of recruiters.​



For these reasons, learning how to level up on your Linkedin game is the most important investment you can make.​



Yes, 90% of Linkedin users are using it the wrong way.​




  • Been approached by headhunters and direct employers for job opportunities
  • Gotten informational interviews with employees of companies like Google and Microsoft
  • Grown their network by at least 30% in less than 3 months
  • Ranked in the top 1% of Social Selling Index on Linkedin
  • Increased engagement and activity by at least 30%
  • Any many more!

What you'll learn:

  • How to turn your profile into an Opportunity Magnet​

  • How to fix costly Linkedin mistakes in minutes​

  • How to write a killer personal branding statement and optimise your profile perfectly​

  • How to access the hidden job market​

  • How to expand your network exponentially and network like a pro​

  •  Insider knowledge and live demonstration of how a recruiter is searching for you​

  • Advanced Linkedin functions to search for your dream job that most job seekers are not using​

It also includes a 70 page Linkedin Hacks guide with:

Optimised Profile Checklist

5 rules of engagement on Linkedin

Various templates that you can cut and paste to message recruiters and send invites that will get accepted 

A networking chart and tracker

Types of content you can post on Linkedin and examples

Do you need to hire a professional Linkedin profile writer?

  • Most professional Linkedin writers write in a dry, sterile and overly professional tone.
  • Would it sound like you? And do you need to keep going back to them when you need to update your profile? Writing your profile is not a one off thing; you need to keep updating your profile for the rest of your career.
  • Instead of charging you a 4 figure sum to write your profile, I’ll teach you to write an optimised profile so you can write your profile in an authentic and captivating way.

By the end of the Linkedin Level Up course, you will be able to write

  • A Recruiter Ready Linkedin Profile with Optimised

Headline, Keywords, Headings

Layout and wording





The personalised Linkedin audit includes: 

  • A career questionnaire so I can tailor the audit to your needs and goals​

  • My 1st impression of your profile from a recruiter’s point of view​

  • Feedback on your headline, summary and visuals​

  • Suggestions on how to improve your profile​

  • A screen recording that you can keep forever 

  • Unlimited reviews for a month


LinkedIn Level Up Premium Program