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Never settle for a mediocre or a good career when it can be great! I'm so glad you're here to discover how.

About me

Passionate about coaching you to live a life that sparks in joy

You're not born to live a mediocre or meh life. What if you can wake up excited knowing you'll be doing what you love? Living the life you want is all about making the right choices. I've coach my clients to get the results they want since 2013. If you want to spark more joy in your career or life, I would love to work with you.

My Coaching Philosophy

Coaching you to live your life with joy

No matter what stage of life you are at, you have dreams and goals. You want results and a committed coach. My sessions are usually light-hearted, fun and yet impactful because who says coaching has to be boring and serious?

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What Others Say..

You need to attend Cindi’s Masterclass! I got to know Cindi via LinkedIn and I’ve attended two of her Lunch & Learn and a Career Strategy Masterclass…She offered her Masterclass at an affordable fee so that she could reach out to more of us in need of a guiding light in this crisis. Otherwise, she usually charges an industry standard rate. She opens up a huge network for like-minded people to connect and she has created a community of its own… I would recommend Cindi’s Masterclass to anyone who need a career coach. You will definitely gain more than that.

May Lee,

Business Development Manager, SIngapore

Cindi is such a gem. She is a natural communicator and makes everyone feels at ease around her. Cindi is adept at presenting concepts in a simplified manner. You can’t tell from her smiley demeanour that she can really push boundaries and challenge the norm. I valued her guidance and learned much from her. Definitely recommends her highly to anyone who seeks to scale new heights in their pursuit of professional developments.

Alicia Cheok,

APAC Finance Director,


Cindi is a remarkable coach. Filled with passion and marked with patience, she's a coach whom you can build a great relationship with. Through her guidance, I was able to achieve top 1% industry social selling index ranking within a month! Highly recommend that you connect with her to find out how she can specifically help you.

Jacky Lim,
Sales Coach,


Cindi's coaching is mind blowing and inspirational, she throws questions to you and provided insights into your life that is so exact and right to the spot, to help you achieve your goals!

Chrise Woo,
Credit Risk Manager,



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